Are Canadians afraid of the dark

Are Canadians afraid of the dark
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There is a general belief that Canadians are afraid of the dark. This has developed into a stereotype over time, with many people even making jokes about it.

But are Canadians really afraid of the dark? There’s no clear evidence that Canadians are afraid of the dark, but many foreigners believe so. 

This may be because Canadian homes are often lit up at night, even in rural areas.

Or it could be because of the country’s long winters when the sun sets early and the days are short.

Regardless of whether it’s true or not, the belief that Canadians are afraid of the dark is so widespread that it’s become a bit of a running joke.

On the other hand, Canada had a TV show called “Are you afraid of the dark”.

“Are you afraid of the dark?” was a TV show that aired in Canada in the early 1990s. 

The show was about a group of kids who formed a club called the “Midnight Society” and would gather around a campfire to tell scary stories. 

Even though the show was aimed at kids, it was pretty creepy and had a lot of adult fans. 

Whether this is where the perception originated, no one has proved this to be true.

Are Canadians afraid of the dark: A myth or truth

Even though there is no concrete evidence that Canadians are afraid of the dark, it has become a general belief. Foreigners tend to adopt this perception.

It was once a major topic on a social media platform where a bigger percentage of contributors claimed they believe it which left Canadians with no option but to defend themselves and their country.

Canadians are afraid of the dark

With some expressing concern at how such a ridiculous claim could be widely accepted. 

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Unfortunately, over 68% of respondents in a recent Ipsos poll supported the claim that Canadians are terrified of the dark, even though there is no proof for this assertion.

The poll also found that people believe Canadians who live in rural areas are more likely to be afraid of the dark than those living in the urban areas of the country.

Why do people believe Canadians are afraid of the dark 

For various reasons, the perception that Canadians are afraid of the dark is widespread.

  • Extreme weather 

Canadians are more likely to experience extreme weather conditions than people from other countries. 

And extreme weather conditions can lead to power outages, which can be scary when you’re in the dark.

Therefore, Canadians often lit up their homes at night as a precaution. 

Even in rural areas, no one wants to be caught unawares.

Many take this precautionary act against extreme weather as being afraid of the dark.

  • The TV show

The “Are you afraid of the dark” TV show was popular in the 90s, and it scared the crap out of a lot of people. 

It wasn’t for the faint of heart. “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” was an anthology horror series.

The show follows a group of kids who call themselves “The Midnight Society” and meet up in the woods to tell scary stories.

But these aren’t just any stories – they’re stories that come to life.

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And as the kids begin to disappear one by one, it’s up to the remaining members of the Midnight Society to figure out what’s going on.

And since Canada is where the show was filmed, it built the perception that Canadians are afraid of the dark among many who knew about the show.

  • Midnight Sun

Most people think Canadians are afraid of the dark because of the midnight sun.
For half the year in Canada, there is what is called the “Midnight Sun.”

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For months on end, Canadians are plunged into darkness. And it’s not just the long nights that they have to worry about—in the winter, the sun is only up for a few hours each day.

This can make it feel like the night is lasting forever. Naturally, most Canadians start to feel a little bit uneasy during the winter months.

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Some people even experience Seasonal Affective Disorders like fear and anxiety during the winter because of the lack of sunlight.

  • Wild animals

Another reason why people believe Canadians are afraid of the dark is that Canada is a large country with a lot of rural areas.

There are lots of wild animals in Canada. There are bears, moose, and other potentially dangerous animals in Canada.

This means that there are more opportunities for encounters with wild animals, which can be scary in the dark. 

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Whatever the reason for the “Canadians are afraid of the dark belief”, it’s clear that not all Canadians are afraid of the dark.

Are Canadians afraid of the dark
Opinions from a Canadian

It’s natural for people to be afraid of the dark, especially women and children, but not the whole country.


While there is a general belief that Canadians are afraid of the dark, the reality is that many Canadians are not afraid of the dark.

Many people in Canada enjoy the darkness. Some people even say that the darkness is calming and soothing.

So if you’re ever in Canada and you see someone walking around in the dark, don’t be scared.

They’re probably just enjoying the tranquility of the night.




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