Does Canada allow triple citizenship?

Does Canada allow triple citizenship

Citizenship is the status of a person who belongs to a particular country.


It gives a person the right to live and work in that country, and to enjoy the protection of that country’s laws.

Interestingly, a person can have more than one citizenship, which is known as dual or multiple citizenships.

In some cases, a person may even have three or more citizenship.

This is known as triple citizenship.

While triple citizenship is a great idea, not every country allows triple citizenship.

In countries like Saudi Arabia and a host of others, they do not allow multiple citizenships.

You can only become a citizen of another nation if you denounce your Saudi citizenship.

They have their reasons which you will find in this article.

So, is Canada part of them? does Canada allow triple citizenship? What are the conditions governing triple citizenship in Canada?

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Stick with this, we will explore the concept of triple citizenship in Canada, and take a look at the country’s stand, laws, and restrictions on multiple citizenships.

Does Canada allow triple citizenship?


Yes, Canada allows triple citizenship, as a citizen of Canada, you are allowed to become a citizen of any other country as long as you meet the citizenship requirements of such nation.

Canada is one of the few countries in the world that allows its citizens to hold multiple citizenships.

For instance, if you were born in Canada but have parents who are citizens of another country, you may be eligible for citizenship in that country as well.

If you have family ties in another country and you are a citizen of Canada, you are also eligible to become a citizen of that nation as long as you meet their citizenship requirements.

In fact, according to a 2017 report by the BBC, an estimated 36% of Canadians have multiple citizenship.

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While Canadian law does allow for multiple citizenships, there are some restrictions and requirements that must be met to become a triple citizen in Canada.

  • You must be a Canadian citizen by birth, investment, or by naturalization.
  • You must also be a citizen of another country.
  • Finally, you must maintain the citizenship demands of all countries involved.

Citizenship isn’t just thrown at anyone, you have to meet certain requirements which differ from one country to another.

  • You must be a Canadian citizen

To become a triple citizenship holder in Canada, you must be a Canadian citizen.

There are three ways to become a Canadian citizen: by birth, by investment, or by naturalization.

By birth, you become a Canadian citizen automatically if you are born in Canada or if you are born (outside Canada) to a Canadian parent, as long as at least one of your parents is a Canadian citizen.


By investment, you can become a Canadian citizen through the Investor Program, which requires a significant investment in the Canadian economy.

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By naturalization, you can become a Canadian citizen by meeting certain requirements, such as having lived in Canada for a certain period, being 18 years of age or older, and being able to speak English or French.

Other conditions are also involved.

  • You must also be a citizen of another country.

Becoming a citizen of Canada alone won’t make you a triple citizenship holder in Canada, you need to become a citizen of two more nations.

You can choose any nation of your choice as long as you can meet their citizenship requirements.

But, it’s important to note that each country has its laws and regulations regarding citizenship, so it’s always best to check with the authorities in each country before assuming that you automatically have citizenship in all three countries.

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If you have ties to different countries, you may be able to obtain triple citizenship easier.

This can be done through birth, marriage, descent, or naturalization.

Each country has different requirements, so it is important to research the requirements of each country you are interested in.

  • You must maintain the citizenship demands of all countries involved.

Once you become a triple citizenship holder, you must then maintain the citizenship requirements of all three countries.

This means that you must comply with the laws of all three countries, pay any required taxes, and fulfill any other citizenship obligations.

Secondly, depending on the other two countries, you must meet the residency requirements.

Residency requirements can be more complicated.

In most cases, you will need to live in the country for a certain period else you will no longer be a citizen of such country.

And third, you must obey the laws of all three countries including Canada.

If by any means you lose the citizenship of any of the countries involved, you will no longer be a triple citizenship holder.

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While it may seem like a lot of work to maintain three citizenships, it can be a rewarding experience.

Triple citizenship is a great idea, It will allow you to maintain ties to at least three countries which will make it easier for you to travel, work, and study in all countries.

Advantages of triple citizenship

There are many benefits to having triple citizenship.

For one, it allows you to hold three passports granting you a wider range of travel options and the ability to reside in multiple countries which can be helpful if you travel frequently.

It also allows you to live and work in three different countries, which can be a great way to experience different cultures and lifestyles.

And if you have family members who live in different countries, triple citizenship can help you stay connected to them.

In addition, it can offer protection in the event of political unrest or persecution in one’s home country.

It also provides a way to diversify one’s investments and assets and to take advantage of the benefits and opportunities of multiple countries.

It can also help you avoid paying taxes in multiple countries, and it can make it easier to get access to government services.

Overall, triple citizenship can be a great way to expand your horizons and enjoy the benefits of living in multiple countries.

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If you’re interested in exploring this option, be sure to do your research and talk to a qualified attorney to help you navigate the process better.

Reasons why countries do not allow triple citizenship

There are a variety of reasons why countries do not allow triple citizenship, they are as follows:

1. Triple citizenship can complicate a person’s allegiance to one country.

2. It can lead to requests for special treatment from multiple countries.

3. It can also create problems with international legal agreements.

4. Triple citizenship can create problems with dual loyalties.

For example, if someone has citizenship in two countries that are at war with each other, that person may have difficulty knowing which country to support.

5. Triple citizenship can also complicate the process of enforcing laws and administering justice since it can be difficult to determine which country’s laws apply in a given situation.


A Canadian can hold as many nationalities as possible as long as you maintain the requirements of each nation and abide by the laws governing them.

Unlike other nations, the Canadian government wants to make it easy for people to become citizens.

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They also want people to come to Canada and become part of the country while maintaining ties with their home countries.

In Conclusion

Canada does allow triple citizenship but you must ensure you obtain (the two other) citizenship from Countries you can maintain their citizenship laws while also keeping your Canadian citizenship.

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Canadian citizenship laws are like every other law, they are subject to change in the future but for now, you can become a triple citizenship holder in Canada.

Potential citizens do not have to choose between their Canadian citizenship and any other citizenship they may hold as you are free to hold them all together.