How to find a sponsor to fund your dream of studying in Canada

Who can sponsor me to study in Canada
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The cost of studying in Canada can be high, though it’s still one of the most affordable when you consider the quality of schools in the country and especially when you look at what other countries have got to offer and at what price.

To study in Canada, you need a lot of funds. Aside from paying your tuition fee, you’ve got books to pay for, accommodation, feeding, health insurance, and other miscellaneous. Unless you are up for it, you may need a sponsor to help offset these costs.

You can be sponsored to study in Canada by an employer, family member, friend, church, NGO, the government, or through merit awards from individuals and organizations.

That’s if you are an exceptional student.

A sponsor can cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, and other related costs. In some cases, a sponsor may also provide you with a job upon completion of your studies.

Though this is usually rare, it only happens when your sponsor has ties with Canada. If you are interested in studying in Canada and you can’t afford the cost of your studies.

Your best bet to achieving your dream is by seeking sponsorship. Your sponsor can come from anywhere, but you have to find them and present yourself as worthy of sponsorship before that happens.

How you find them depends on who they are to you and your relationship with them. Keep reading to learn more about who can sponsor you to study in Canada and how to find the right sponsor.

Who can sponsor me to study in Canada

You can be sponsored to study in Canada by an individual, (usually a relative), a company, a government, or an organization that agrees to pay for all or part of your tuition and living expenses.

Your sponsor must be willing and able to support you throughout your studies or for an agreed period.

They must also provide evidence that they have and can make available what they agreed to sponsor you with.

If you are on a fully funded scholarship, your sponsor must present evidence that they are capable and willing to fund your studies in Canada.

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If you are like me, you are lucky to be sponsored by a relative. Your relative must present an account statement showing they have the necessary funds to assist you throughout your stay in Canada.

  • You can be sponsored by a relative 

If you have a relative (maybe your parents, brother, sister, uncle, or aunty) that is financially capable, they can sponsor you to come to Canada and study.

They will cover your tuition, travel, and living expenses for the duration of your studies.

This may sound straight to the point, but there are conditions attached to it, such as:

You must establish that your sponsor is a close relative and is willing to abide by the promise of sponsoring you throughout the school.

You must also show that your sponsor has adequate financial strength and can comfortably pay your fees. In addition, you must be admissible to Canada.

You also need to submit an application to the Canadian government stating the reasons why you are being sponsored.

And last but not least, your relatives must be 18 years of age or older before they are eligible to sponsor you to study in Canada.

Finally, they must sign a contract with the government promising not to fail to support you financially.

  • You can be sponsored to study in Canada by the government 

There are lots of government-sponsored scholarships, grants, and awards that you can benefit from if you qualify.

Yes, that’s right — if you’re from certain countries, (countries that provide funding for its citizens), you may be able to get financial support from your government to help cover the cost of studying in Canada.

If you’re from Canada, for instance, you might be eligible for a government-sponsored program that will allow you to study at any institute in the country.

These programs are usually need-based, so if you can demonstrate financial need, you might be able to get your tuition covered or receive a stipend to help with living expenses.

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Some programs are merit-based, meaning you have to be an exceptional student to benefit from them. And if you’re a good student, you might even be able to get a full scholarship.

  • You can also be sponsored to study in Canada by an organization 

There are many organizations (governmental and non-governmental) that sponsor students to study in Canada every year, and they can be a great option for you.

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Organizations such as Rotary International, universities, and charity organizations sometimes sponsor students to come study in Canada. 

How to find an organization to sponsor you to study in Canada 

  • Search Online

To find organizations that sponsor students to study in Canada, you can search online.

One of the easiest ways to find an organization that will sponsor you to study in Canada is by looking online.

It is easy and simple to do. Just head to Google or another search engine, and type in “organizations that sponsor students to study in Canada”.

organizations that sponsor students to study in Canada

You will see tons of them.

  • Search scholarship websites

You can also try searching on a website like

  • Ask your school counselor or education advisor 

Furthermore, you can ask your school counselor or another education advisor. They may be able to give you a list of organizations or tell you where you can find a list.

  • Use social media

You can also try searching on social media. Many organizations use social media to promote their programs, so you may be able to find some organizations that sponsor students to study in Canada by searching on Twitter, Facebook, or another social media platform.

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  • You can also contact your local Canadian embassy. 

They may not be as viable as other options, but a try will be better than none.

How to get an organization to sponsor you to study in Canada

Once you find a few potential organizations, you should reach out to them and inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

If they are open for sponsorship. You need to make a persuasive case for why they should invest in your education.

Your case should be based on the sponsorship target. Some are need-based, while others are merit-based.

The more persuasive your case is, the better your chances, therefore, you have to put your best foot forward to be accepted.

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Keep in mind that most organizations have specific requirements, such as being a member of the organization or having a certain grade point average for merit-based sponsorship. 

But if you’re willing to meet their requirements, getting sponsored to study in Canada could be a great way to cover the cost of your education. 

If you are successful in finding a sponsor, you will be able to finance your studies in Canada without any financial burden. 

This can be a great option for students who want to study in Canada but can’t afford to do so on their own. 

Is it hard to get a sponsor to sponsor you to study in Canada?

Yes, it’s hard to get a sponsor to finance your studies in Canada.

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Studying in Canada costs a lot of money, and not everyone is willing to spend all that money on you without any special ties with you.

Getting a sponsor is as hard as the thought of it.


When it comes to studying in Canada, there are a lot of options available to you. 

You can either study on your own or with the help of a sponsor. If you’re looking for someone to help you with the cost of studying in Canada, then you’ll need to find a sponsor.

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A sponsor can be anyone willing to help you offset the cost of your studies. They could be a family member, a friend, or even an organization.

Though your sponsor can be anyone, their willingness to sponsor you throughout your studies must be put into writing and signed before the Canadian authorities will approve your application.




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