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Which Countries Allow Triple Citizenship?


Triple citizenship is a rare but growing trend among people who want the maximum amount of flexibility and opportunity that it gives.

It gives you greater flexibility when it comes to traveling, living, and working in different countries.

You can easily live and work in any of the three countries without having to go through the hassle of securing a visa.


But as you would expect, it’s not easy to come by, because not every country allows triple citizenship.

This is why you need to ascertain which countries allow triple citizenship before making the decision to seek one.

Some nations continue to out-rightly prohibit getting second and third passports.

However, a number of nations have recently cultivated a more receptive attitude toward enabling their citizens to hold triple citizenship, either by recognizing multiple citizenships or by changing their naturalization rules.

This article will provide you with

List of countries that allow triple citizenship

  • Why you need triple citizenship
  • Ways to get triple citizenship and
  • The challenges that come with triple citizenship.

While triple citizenship does offer more flexibility than dual citizenship, it also comes with more responsibility.

You will be expected to comply with the laws and regulations of all three countries, and you may have to pay taxes in all three countries as well.

Who is a triple citizen?

A triple citizen is an individual who holds citizenship in three countries simultaneously.

A triple citizen is typically accomplished by holding a passport from each of the three countries, which allows the individual to travel and work freely in all three nations.

A triple citizen can be gotten through birth, marriage, naturalization, or investment.

Triple citizens enjoy the benefits of each country they are a citizen of, such as the right to vote, own property, and travel freely.

They also have the responsibility to obey the laws of each country and to pay taxes in each country they are a citizen (if need be).

Is triple citizenship possible?

Yes, triple citizenship is possible, a person can be a citizen of three different nations simultaneously.

This however depends on the citizenship laws of the nations; each country has its citizenship laws.

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So it is important to research the citizenship requirements of your target countries before applying for citizenship.

For example, some countries do not allow their citizens to hold citizenship in another country.

Others may require that you reside in the country for a certain period before you can apply for citizenship.

And once you complete this duration, you can apply to become a citizen.


If you meet the requirements of all three countries, then you may be able to hold triple citizenship.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you may have to give up your citizenship in one country if you violate the terms of your citizenship.

So as a triple citizen, you must obey the laws of the three countries involved.

Why triple citizenship {Benefits of Triple citizenship}

There are many advantages to having triple citizenship.

  • Security

Having a third passport from a safe nation eases your mind.

You keep a backup plan in case there is social, political, or economic unrest in your own country.

  • Traveling options

Some passports might be quite constrictive and deny you the freedom to travel anywhere.

Traveling becomes difficult because of restrictive passports since travel visas must be obtained.

second passport and a third passport can help with that issue by enhancing mobility and eliminating paperwork challenges.

  • Ability to live in multiple countries 

It allows you to have a second and third passport which means you can live in three different countries and experience all that each has to offer.

The assurance of residence in several nations is one big benefit of triple citizenship.

For people who want to live and work in multiple countries, residence can be a big advantage.

  • Better work options

You also have the right to work in all three countries, which can be a great advantage if you’re looking for work or want to start your own business.

  • Ownership of properties

Due to the possibility of triple citizenship, property ownership is conceivable.


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  • Business Opportunities

Second and third citizenship makes it possible to complete business arrangements that would have otherwise been impossible or difficult to complete based on the initial passport.

  • Ease of immigration

If you have family members who are citizens of one of the other countries, you may be able to help them immigrate more easily.

  • Less economic risk

Triple citizenship diversifies your economic and political risk, which can be helpful in times of economic or political instability.

  • Access to more benefits

With triple citizenship, you will have access to three different sets of government benefits and services.

  • More financial opportunities

With triple citizenship, you’ll have access to a wider range of financial opportunities and retirement options.

  • Incentives

You’ll be able to take advantage of each country’s best, whether it’s healthcare, education, or simply a different lifestyle.

  • More cultural experience

Finally, you will have a richer and more diverse cultural experience.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your horizons and live a more exciting life, becoming a triple citizen can be a great option.

How to get triple citizenship

From one nation to the next, the triple citizenship application process is different.

If you’re interested in obtaining triple citizenship, you must research the rules and laws of the nations where you desire to gain triple citizenship.


This is for you to understand their citizenship regulations.

Generally, there are a few ways to go about obtaining triple citizenship.

1. Check countries that allow triple citizenship

First, you need to check the countries that allow triple citizenship (you will get their list below).

This will help you ascertain if your desired countries allow triple citizenship.

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If they do, that’s great, if not, you need to narrow down your list to only countries that allow triple citizenship.

2. Check your eligibility status

Once you have the list of nations you wish to gain citizenship from, you need to find out if you’re eligible for citizenship in those nations.

To be eligible for triple citizenship, you must have a connection to two or more countries.

This connection can be through birth, ancestry, marriage, investment, or naturalization.

  • Marriage

The most common way to gain citizenship in a country is to marry someone who is a citizen of another country and then apply for citizenship in that country.

  • Birth

Another way to gain triple citizenship easily is to have parents who are citizens of different countries.

Even though you are not a resident of a country, you may nonetheless become a citizen if your parents were born there.

If you were born in a certain country, you may be able to claim citizenship

  • Investment or business ownership

You can also obtain citizenship through an investment or business ownership.

3. Apply for citizenship

Once you’ve determined that you are eligible, the next step is to gather the required documentation.

Depending on which means of obtaining triple citizenship suits you (things will vary depending on the country), you will likely need a passport, birth certificate, and proof of residency.

Whichever means best suits you, obtaining triple citizenship isn’t an easy process.


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It requires time and patience because not all countries allow triple citizenship.

There are a growing number of countries that allow their citizens to hold dual or even triple citizenship.

This is often done to attract skilled workers and professionals from other countries.

Which countries allow triple citizenship

Countries that allow triple citizenship include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, and Greece.

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Others are Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, and Portugal.

List of countries that allow triple citizenship

Czech RepublicDenmark
MexicoNew Zealand

Countries that do not allow triple citizenship

While some countries allow triple citizenship, some don’t, below is a list of countries that don’t allow triple citizenship

IranAfghanistanSaudi ArabiaSan Marino
North KoreaKazakhstanKuwaitMongolia
EritreaUkraineMyanmar, BurmaTanzania

Challenges of Triple citizenship

Some challenges come with having triple citizenship.

  1. Complicated paperwork

Applying for and maintaining triple citizenship can be a bureaucratic nightmare.

You may have to deal with government agencies in three different countries, each with its own forms and requirements.

  1. Financial burdens

Maintaining citizenship in three countries can be costly.

You may have to pay taxes in all three countries, as well as fees for things like passports and other documents.

  1. Incompatibility of laws

The laws of the three countries you are a citizen of may conflict with each other, which can create legal complications.

  1. Delicate emotional situation

If you have close ties to all three countries, you may find yourself in a difficult emotional situation when one country goes through political or social upheaval.

  1. Lack of solidarity

There is a risk that you may feel like you don’t truly belong to any country.

This is usually because you have to deal with different laws and regulations in each country.

You may also find it difficult to keep up with the news and events in all three countries.

And in some cases, you may even be required to serve in the military of one or more of the countries you are a citizen of.

Regardless of the challenges, having triple citizenship can be a great thing.

It allows you to experience the world uniquely and gives you a sense of belonging.


Can I have triple citizenship?

Yes, you can have triple citizenship.

However, it’s important to note that not all countries recognize multiple citizenships.


Additionally, having multiple citizenships can complicate things like taxes and voting.

If you’re considering obtaining triple citizenship, it’s important to do your research and make sure you understand the implications.

However, in general, it is possible to have multiple citizenships as long as you meet the requirements of each country, and it can be a great way to connect with multiple cultures.

Can British have 3 citizenships?

Yes, British citizens can have multiple citizenship. There is no limit to the number of citizenships a British person can have.

However, it is important to note that having multiple citizenships comes with some responsibilities.

For example, if you are a British citizen and you also have citizenship in another country, you may be required to pay taxes in both countries.

You may also be required to comply with the laws of both countries.

Therefore, it is important to research the implications of having multiple citizenships before making the decision to obtain citizenship in more than one country.

In conclusion

There are a few ways to become a triple citizen, but the process is not easy.

The most common way to become a triple citizen is by marrying someone from another country or by having a parent who is a citizen of another country.

You can also become a triple citizen by applying for citizenship in another country, but this can be a long and difficult process.

Becoming a triple citizen has a few advantages. For one, you will have the right to live and work in three countries.

You will also have the right to vote in all three countries and to hold a passport from each country.

However, there are a few disadvantages to becoming a triple citizen as well.

You will be required to pay taxes in all three countries.

You will also be subject to the laws of all three countries so it’s important you choose your eggs right.


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